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Join the new wave of sustainable food packaging.

YesEco is the result of a re-defined manufacture process that combines clean technologies, complete production automation, and official BPI certified products -including listings- to produce clean, durable and customizable foodware.

Together we improve and reduce the waste cycle. More sense, less waste!

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The Cold Series

YesEco Paper Cold Cups are made with lighter weight (280 gsm) paper, reducing paper usage by more than 15%.

Different sizes are indicated by various base colors, reducing operator error. Compared to plastic cups, this new series reduces usage of non-renewable resources while providing an excellent alternative to oil base containers.

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The Hot Pack

Keep it green, keep it hot. Perfect for everyday use, our polylactide (PLA) hot cups are designed with an aesthetically pleasing unique look. All YesEco PLA hot cups are BPI certified and listed on BPI site for verification purpose.

Engage more clients with responsible food business practices. Every cup counts to make a difference.

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Sugarcane & Bamboo

Our New-Wave Sugarcane and Bamboo product items are produced from premium residue remaining after extracting the juice from the crushed stalks of sugarcane and bamboo.

The New-Wave is fully compostable and biodegradable, meaning that it will enrich nature’s process to manage waste.

Drive more value to your business and let nature do the rest.

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YesEco Hot Cups


Fully Compostable and Biodegradable, designed for extremely hot liquid.


Reduced paper consumption by more than 15%. Different base colors indicate sizes.



Plastic-free bagasse tableware is perfect for both hot and cold items.

YesEco Bowls


Biodegradable and bioactive, this Polylactic acid (PLA) bowls are derived from renewable resources.

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For high volume orders that would fill up 20′ or 40′ HQ containers, we offer direct shipping to any country. There are several options available on packing containers such as bulk cases (maximum load), palletized and wrapped containers, etc.

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“We have been using several lines of compostable products from YesEco. We have never had a single issue with them. I would totally recommend using YesEco. Delivery is fast, customer support is very polite and the products are great.”

Sam D.


“Its been a pleasure to work with these guys. All deliveries are always on time, the coffee cups are really good and feel nice. Definitely will continue to be their customer.”

Brian C