YesEco actively engages in an entirely new wave of manufacturing of all product items.


Our production process occurs completely isolated in a wholesome environment guaranteeing the cleanest products on the market. Together we expand the horizon by inspiring businesses and consumers to move towards a greener now.


Join us and start making a differencE!

YesEco is a provider of earth friendly foodservice packaging. E2e procures, warehouses, and develops unique packaging solutions using natural renewable resources and fibers. We specialize in bagasse clams, bowls, and trays. Cutlery made of MPLA (modified polylactide) and clear PLA containers made of corn. Our products meet ASTM standards for compostability and biodegradability.


  • We are committed to your business and the green foodservice trends that are currently changing the overall foodservice market.
  • We manufacture many of our items internationally, producing a wide range innovative, high-quality, and sustainable foodservice packaging solutions.
  • We are sourcing and procurement specialists.

Good for the environment, right for your business.

Understanding your particular need is our priority. With more than 30 years of foodservice experience, YesEco can assure you that our dedicated team of professionals are available to service your needs, as a partner you can rely on. We use cleanest production environment on the market. These technologically advanced production lines produce cleanest and best quality food packaging products.

Innovate and drive more value

  • Sustainable foodservice packaging will help you prove and advertise to your customers that you care about the environment.
  • All of our packaging solutions can be customized and designed to meet your business challenges, using a collaborative partnership process.
  • Our world-class manufacturing vendors are third party certified in ASTM, DIN, EN13432, and ISO to guarantee compostability. They also comply with FDA and CFIA food safety regulations.
  • Our PLA laminated paperboard comes from a BPI certified third party partner, who holds certifications for both paperboard, and the finished products we sell.

YesEco takes pride in providing service excellence, which means getting the right order, to the right place, on time, on budget, and without errors.

YesEco Friendly

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